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  • Oxnard Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels

How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels

How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels

Getting rid of Oxnard's flying squirrel can be difficult and tricky as they are small animals and they usually nest in tiny holes. Being nocturnal animals they forage for food during night and make noises in ceilings and walls which are very annoying. They have a gnawing habit which makes damage to your California home and yard. Different methods should be adopted to get rid of them.

First we need to identify the places which provide as the entry point for the Oxnard flying squirrel. Those spots need to properly fence if possible so that no access is granted. Since they nest in tiny holes we should check all the opening for their nest and stuff them with steel wool using a wire as they cannot chew through it. They invade homes in search of food so food should be properly stored in air tight metal containers. Property should be kept clean and garbage is properly disposed. The lids of the garbage can should also be made of metal so that it cannot be opened easily or chewed.

Home repair
Flying squirrels are very fast and agile, they can jump about four feet so any tree branches that can lead to the house should be chopped off so that they do not gain access to your Oxnard home and make themselves comfortable. They are omnivorous and eat everything so getting rid of these tiny California monsters is quite annoying. Any crack in the ceiling or foundation need to be sealed or repaired. Chimney vents should be blocked with chimney caps as it is their one of the favorite places to venture.

Gardens and backyard need to be clear of any clutter and bird feeder should be removed. Exclusion fencing and electric fencing in the yard can be done to get rid of the Oxnard squirrel. Fence should be deep and high enough to keep the squirrel away from burrowing or flying over fences. Fences should be made using metal sheet or hardware cloth to make a strong fence. Trapping is the most effective method used to catch the California squirrel.

Once they are caught Oxnard squirrels need to be released far away at least 25 km away or else they could return. Different types of traps are available in the market so selecting the right trap is very important. Flying squirrel repellent is available in the market or homemade repellent can be made to keep them away, however they are not very effective as it needs to be reapplied when it rains. Due to global climatic change there had been a loss of their habitat and soon the California flying squirrel will become endangered so killing is not a good option.

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