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Mole Repellent

Mole Repellent

Moles are robust insectivorous burrowing invading animals which can survive in any adverse weather condition. The damage Oxnard moles do create havoc at the property. They usually do not eat everything but their digging mounded tunnels are very annoying as it provides base for other burrowing pest to thrive. There are many remedies which can help in removing moles from your property however they are all temporary fix. Mole repellent is one such temporary remedy to get rid of California moles. Repellent can be natural, homemade or can be brought across the store. Repellent are much easier to use in form of spray, powder, liquid or taken care by machine. But how effective are they?

The Oxnard mole repellent which is bought over the counter is not always good as the labels say, so we need to study about the repellent before purchasing it. Most of them are toxic in nature which can have harmful effect on kids and pets at home and must not be the best idea of using such repellents. Online purchase of mole repellent is also available but we need to be cautious when using these products as they may not be effective.

There are few household chemicals which can act as Oxnard mole repellent however the effectiveness of these chemicals is relative. Using chemicals like ammonia and chlorine bleach down the burrows created by California moles also acts as mole repellent. Some has also tried sprinkling mothballs or moth flakes down the burrow to repel moles. However the harmful chemicals cause health and environmental hazard so it is better to avoid such technique.

There are some natural mole repellent available which are safe for both children and other California animals at home. Natural repellents do not kill the Oxnard mole just keep them at bay so when the smell of the repellent is gone the mole returns at the property to cause damage. The strong smell of eucalyptus and mint oil repels moles. Just soaking a cotton ball with these repellent and pushing it through the mole hole will work. However we need to repeat the procedure to ensure its effectiveness and eventually the mole will relocate. California Mole repellent can be easily made at home using castor oil, dish soap and water in correct proportion and then spraying it in an active tunnel which usually works within one day. However all the technique discussed do not guarantee full proof remedy.

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