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  • Oxnard Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Prevention Tips: How To Keep Pigeons Away

Pigeon Prevention Tips: How To Keep Pigeons Away

Pigeon Prevention Tips: How To Keep Pigeons Away

Pigeon dropping have defaced many public spaces, monuments and roof tops. Their dropping contains uric acid which is not only unsightly but can also damage the buildings and different automobiles. It also contains dangerous bacteria and fungi that can potentially harm human beings. A few diseases such as Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis, St. Louis encephalitis can be caused by them. When they occupy the California warehouses and deface on goods, it becomes an extensive problem for the management because no one buy damaged goods. So if you want to get rid of the Oxnard pigeons, follow the suggestions mentioned below.

1. Usage of spike strips
You can use anti-roosting spike strips and place it at a position where an Oxnard bird wants to stand on. This could be house roofs or any other place. You can buy these at hardware stores or garden centres. The California pigeons actually hate them as the railing gets uncomfortable because of these spikes and it becomes difficult for them to stand on it.

2. Using chemicals
If you spray these sticky chemicals on the railing, then it becomes difficult for the bird to stand on. So if you spray it once, they will not come near the place.

3. Closing off the spaces
You can exclude the Oxnard pigeons and prevent them from entering the building itself. You have to make sure that all the soffit vents and attics are looked after to keep the California pigeons out. Fill the large doors and opening with heavy curtains. This will discourage their entry. But if they still get inside, they can be discouraged to roost on many places by creating slopes.

4. Birth control for birds
This is also one of the main problems. Oxnard Pigeons breed at a very fast pace. They breed like 6 times in a year. So if you feed some a contraceptive, then their eggs will no longer hatch. This will cause the population to shrink because of attrition.

5. Avoid feeding pigeons
It is highly advised that you do not feed the pigeons. Because if you do, then you are giving them reason to stay on your property. This makes a reason for them to come back and as they have longer memories, they will again come to your house looking for food source. You can also scare them off with a garden hose. If you do that consistently, they won’t come to your California property again.

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