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  • Oxnard Educational Article of the Month - Snake Trapping: How To Trap A Snake

Snake Trapping: How To Trap A Snake

Snake Trapping: How To Trap A Snake

These Oxnard carnivorous reptiles could be easily differentiated from legless lizards as snakes do not have eye lids or the external ears. These creatures are adaptive to the environment hence found around the world except Antarctica. Fast even on sand, snakes are good climbers and also able to swim in cross paths with you but the issue arises when this acquaintance becomes a daily routine and the unwanted guest in your yard or garden. However a California snake compared to rodents do not cause damage to your yard and if it’s a non-venomous snake there is nothing to fear.

As per their food habits they are beneficial in a way by feeding on mice, rats, frogs, insects, etc. however these creatures carry a to-be avoided reputation and deadly encounter with humans are common. Usually if you do not know about them it’s hard to find out which ones are dangerous and which ones are not. Keeping Oxnard snakes away is a better option anytime. People do hire professionals or buy themselves repellants to remove them from the yard. California Snakes are peace lovers and look for cold, dense and a place where it could be left alone. So to discourage them keep the yard clean and avoid the rodents entry so that snakes do not come in search of food, keep the grass low and no piled up stones or wood logs. Still after trying all these if they have entered your property then trapping is another option.

Trapping an Oxnard snake becomes easy if you choose the right way of trapping it. It will be difficult to identify weather the snake is poisonous or not for a common person. Trapping a snake by yourself has reported many snake attacks also. There are lethal and non-lethal traps available in the market. Baits are used to lure the California snakes into the trap however instead of live bait the trap producers use scent which attracts the snake. One of the very commonly used traps is the glue trap. This trap has glue at the bottom, it is covered completely with plastic casing, once the snake is lured inside the trap because of the scent, it gets stick to the glue. Then you could easily carry the box at the relocation place and put some vegetable oil to release the glue from the snake and the California snake will move out without any further support. This trapping method is pretty safe and as it is completely covered, so there is no risk of getting hurt.

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